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Vivian was having a hard day at work.  Nothing seemed to be going her way.  Everyone was
getting all the better stories, she had recently lost a lead on a story that would put her on the front
page, and on top of this she was still one story off from completing her quota for the month.  She
was to cover a supposed lead that was involved in a series of tax frauds.  Unfortunately for her,
her inside man gave her the wrong address and the guy fled the country before she had the
chance to catch him.  Though she promised herself that she would never stoop to this level, she
knew what she had to do in order to get even a hint of a good story.  Adjusting her blouse and
fixing her long, dark hair.  She slowly made her way into Mr. Chaz’s office, hoping he would
have anything for her.  

“Hey Mr. C, enjoying this fine summer morning are we?”  “Huh?  What makes you say
that?  Shouldn’t you be out there looking for stories Miss Appleseed?  If I recall correctly, you’re
just one story away from quota.  I’d really hate to penalize you for missing one story.”  Vivian
didn’t know how to respond.  She was hoping that it would be easier than this.  It was time to
deploy her desperate measure.  A measure that got her many a extra dessert asa child.          

“Please Mr Chaz, I’ll do anything, I just need to get one more story in.  Grocery store
opening, ice cream truck crashed, koala stuck in the sewer, anything!  Please, you’re my only
hope!”  “Come now Miss Appleseed, what kind of professionalism is this?  Is this how one of
my best reports is supposed act?”  Vivian was curled into a small ball, as she rocked back and
fourth.  “Fine, fine, I’ll give you a lead.  But I never want to see this sort of behavior again from
you Miss Appleseed.”

Vivian sprung back up, excitedly jumping up and down.  “Oh thank you thank you Mr.
Chaz, you won’t regret this I promise.”  “Yeah yeah, anyway, you know that show Cakemaster?”  
Vivian recalled seeing the show once or twice in between her usual nights of keeping up to date
with her regular shows.  “Rumor has it that they’re setting up this weeks episode right in our
very town.  Now the thing is that they don’t want anyone knowing that they’re here, however,
one of our inside guys claims that their holding something big at that abandoned warehouse
downtown.  If you can get the inside story, I promise you it’ll make the front page.”  Vivian
couldn’t believe it, this was the opportunity she was looking for.  “Right on it chief.  I’ll make
you proud.”  “Don’t call me chief.”  Mr. Chaz commented as Vivian dashed out of the office.

Eager to get started, Vivian walked down the office with a huge grin on her face.  She
was now in possession of information no one else had.  That large smile of hers quickly shrunk
however, as she parted eyes at Marshall Summers.  The tan skinned beauty wore her signature green get up that followed her on every major story she went to.  Though Vivian couldn’t admit it, her envy for Summers was a green as her outfit.  Her trim legs crossed as she walked over towards Vivian.  There had been talk around the newsroom that one of the top reporters was being moved to another company, and someone would have to take her place.  Rumor had it that it was down to either Vivan or Marshall.  

Damn, she’s got everything, good looks, top notch reporting skills, a flat stomach.  Man
I can’t stand her.
 Vivian thought to herself as she pinched her slight muffin top.  Marshall then
saw her and smiled.  “Hey Vivian how’s everything?  Hear about that bus full of kids were
rescued by that homeless guy?  Can you believe it?”  Marshall said with a smile as she placed her hands on her almost perfect hourglass waist.  

And she’s nice.  Damn  Vivian thought to herself as she smiled back.  Marshall had
the body of a grade A reporter.  A nicely proportioned hourglass frame, slender legs, a face of a
goddess.  She had it all.  The two reporters went back and forth talking about various stories and
people around the office.  All the while Vivian couldn’t help but take in various glares  at
Marshall's body and compare it to her own.  “So, got any stories coming up you focusing on?”  

“Oh nothing too spectacular.  Just some bake sale going on at an elementary school.  
People do love them some kid stories.”  Vivian was trying her absolute best to get out of the
conversation as fast as she could.  

“Ah, too true, hey listen, we should totally go grab some coffee sometime at Pete’s.  I’d
totally be down for it.”

“Oh yeah, for sure.  Maybe grab some doughnuts too or something.”  Vivian said as she
blushed a slight red.  Accidentally making herself sound like a major foodie.  

“Yeah that would be nice.  Though you shouldn't get too many.  Wouldn't want to wind
up as big as that Japanese basketball player.”  Marshall chuckled a bit.      

“Heh, yeah.  I’ll catch ya later.  Good luck on your stuff.”  Vivian waved as she hurried
to the elevator.        

Hmm, now I just gotta figure out how to get to this place. thought Vivian as
she left the building.  Chaz didn’t give her a whole lot of information to go on so she would have
to do some detective work in order to figure out where she was going.  Her first instinct was to
go to the doughnut shop next to the office and see if anyone there knew anything.  She figured
a bakery would obviously know the whereabouts of a cake competition.  

Pete’s Doughnuts and Coffee shop was one of the most well known eateries in the area.  All walks of life gathered there to feast upon Pete’s delectable delicacies.  The prominent smell
of freshly roasted coffee  filled the air as Vivian walked inside.  Mild chatter and the sipping of
coffee provided the background noise.  As Vivian looked around, she could see all kinds of
familiar faces.   There was Chester the park ranger, sipping on his favorite blend of
White Mountain coffee.  Rebbecca the accountant, enjoying a fresh croissant, and even Mrs.
Rose and her kids enjoying some doughnuts.  Everything looked scrumptious to Vivian, she
knew she should watch herself.  But all those pastries were just too tantalizing, all those colors
and patterns were literal eye candy.  With her mouth watering a bit, she snapped out of it and
refocused herself.  Assuming the baker of all people would know anything about Cakemaster,
she decided to head over and ask some questions.  Liz was one of three bakers who worked at the

“Heya Liz, listen, I need some help and I think you’re the only one that can help.”

“Well I’m all ears Vivan, what can I help ya with?”

“Ok so you know that show Cakemaster right?”

“You mean that show where they make all the tacky cakes?  Yeah, I guess you could say
I have.  Shoddy craftsmanship if you ask me though.  Who wants a cake shaped like a T-rex?”

“I dunno, kids, dinosaur enthusiasts?  Look, I’ve heard a rumor going around that they're
setting up their next episode in the area, but no one has any idea where.  Seeing as you’re also
the baking type.  I’d assume you’d know some things about it.”

“What do you think I’m a part of?  Some kind of dessert illuminati?  I think someone
forgot breakfast this morning.  How’s about I set you up with a nice plump jelly doughnut?  I
hear he doesn’t get jelly easily.”

Liz laughed at her own subpar joke as she went to the counter and fetched one of the
fullest doughnuts Vivian had ever seen.  The dark purple icing still dripping off the side as was
the jelly oozing out of the incision.  There was a soft glare, like that of a new painted car that was
just calling for Vivian.  She wanted so desperately to indulge, but she knew that if she wanted
that top reporter spot on the team.  She would have to restrain herself.  Ever since she was a
plump little girl, she was tempted by sweets.  This unfortunate sweet tooth cost her many a
friends, and earned her some haresh remarks from her classmates.  Once she was in college, she
vowed to shed the weight and become a top reporter.  Thinking to herself that if she ever got fat
again it would be the end of everything.

“Ah Liz, this is so nice of you, but you know I can’t have sweets.  Especially something

Staring at the pastry.  She could see that it was now mocking her.  Looking down at her
slight paunch,, she knew that it would only take one sweet to send her down the highway of

“Aw, you sure?  It’s just one little doughnut.  I mean granted it isn't quite little.  But
sometimes you just gotta just relax and enjoy the rewards that life hands you.  Kinda like how
I’m handing you this doughnut right now.” Poor Vivian could see it now, her slightly plump form blimping up into obesity.  
Marshall taking the position that she worked so hard for.  Herself being demoted to coffee girl.  
It was one of her greatest dreads and she would do whatever it took for it to be unfulfilled.

“Sorry Liz, but I’m kinda in a hurry. Maybe tomorrow or something.  If you don’t know
anything about this Cakemaster thing that’s fine.  I’ll just look elsewhere.  Thanks for your
“Did someone say Cakemaster?!”  The high pitched voice came from none other Janet
Borstein.  An overly plump patron of the bakery.  She was there everyday just gorging on
doughnuts.  It made sense she was always there, considering she was Pete’s daughter.  Being the
daughter of a baker certainly showed in Janet’s physique.  Her bulbous belly rested quite a bit
on the table.  While her very large bubble butt oozed off the side of the chair she was sitting on.    
As Vivian walked over to her Janet as she wiped some frosting off her chubby cheeks.  Vivian
wasn't sure how reliable Janet actually was. But at this point she was desperate. “Hey Janet, are you a Cakemaster fan?”

“Only THE number one Cakemaster fan thank you.  I follow all their social media sites
and also an admin on several dedicated forums.  Did you know half the bakers didn't even go to
culinary school?”

Damn,this girl is a grade a foodie  Thought Vivian

“Shams!”  Cried out an annoyed Liz from behind the counter.

“Huh, well anyway listen.  Apparently they’re going to be filming their next episode in
the area and I thought maybe you knew…”

“Oh my God!  I knew they were filming here weeks ago!  I’m so excited, I’m gonna
camp out in front of the old tire factory just to be the first one there!”

“The old tire factory eh?”

“Well no one knows for sure.  One of my buddies on my forum has a friend that knows a
guy that works on the show mention something about a tire factory and...”

“So much for keeping a secret.  Thanks for the help Janet.”  

“Are you gonna camp out too?  We should totally go together.”

“Maybe next time.”  Janet smiled as she walked out of the bakery.

Walking outside with a new stride of confidence.  Vivian happily walked down the alleyway that lead to the station’s parking lot.  Turning the corner however made that grin turn 180 degrees.  Tents, as far as the eye could see.  Bright as light, and the smells.  Oh the smells.  Everything from the delicate aroma of fine steak.  To the corkey smell of corks popping off of fresh bottles of wine.  To the heady smell of spicy tacos.  Everything in front of her was scent nirvana.

Oh crap. can’t be.

“Welcome to the annual channel 17 mini food and wine festival.  This year we've’ got more food than ever before.  Come try some fresh meatballs.  Then come on over and try our delicious cheesecake.  All this and more right here right now.”
Shit.  All the food in front of her looked just absolutely tantalizing.  Grills were sizzling, while people were drinking fresh soda.

Damn, why did it have to be today?  Of all days?  Why now?  Vivian slowly walked through the different vendors.  Each one offering a different delicacy.  Her mouth was watering by just the sight of ice cream alone.  

“Excuse me Miss. Would you care to sample some jerky?  It was made fresh just this morning.”

Oh no, that stuff’s loaded with cholesterol.  Not to mention all the saturated fat.  Like the doughnut before.  The jerky was tantalizing the poor woman.  Never before had she wanted jerky until now.  Perhaps it was the stress of trying to maintain her figure.  While at the same time being the first one to get to the set of Cakemaster.

Gotta resist, must resist temptation.  All the food in front of her was so irresistible.  Her eyes switching left and right.  It was as if she were experiencing sensory overload.  Taking a second to stop walking.  She stopped in front of a pizza stall.

“Hey there.  Would you like to try our triple topping pizza?  It’s free for all channel 17 employees?”  The pizza was dripping with gooey cheese.  Olives, pepperoni and bits of sausage littered each slice.

“Well I don’t want to be rude.  Maybe one little bite won’t hurt.  It is just a sample after all.”  Upon taking a bite of the pizza.  Vivian's taste buds were so overloaded with flavor that she had no idea how to process it.  The only thing she could think of was to eat more pizza.  Grabbing a few slices.  She took bite after bite.

“Mmm, so good.  These are some of the best pizzas I’ve had in months.”

“Well that great Miss.  But please try to save some of others.”  The poor chef asked as the pizza maniac that was currently Vivian went to town on the remaining slices.  “Ahh geez, my boss isn’t gonna like this.”  Before she knew it.  Vivian was running to every other stand and trying whatever delicacy they had to offer.  Her hands were now quite greasy.  While her face was covered in a mixture of sauces.  She didn’t quite notice it, but she could feel her becoming slightly tighter.  With a satisfying pat on her stomach, she was on her way.                                          
Later that day, Vivian arrived at the location of the rumored show.  It certainly didn’t
seem like anyone was inside.  No security, no lights, nothing that would indicate that a
successful baking show was at this very spot. “Hmm, this is a bit odd, but I bet that’s what they
want everyone else to think.  That ain’t gonna stop me.”  Vivian said to herself as she got to the
back door.  It was there that she noticed a pad lock preventing anyone from entering. “Damn,
gotta find another way.”  Looking around the area, she saw a window at the top of a couple of
crates.  “Hmm, that’ll do.”

Leaping on top of the boxes, Vivian finally got to the window.  With a small creek, she
was able to open it with as little noise as possible.  The dainty reporter said proudly as she failed
to anticipate that there wasn't anything holding her on the other side of the window.  “Ahhhhh!”  
She cried as she safely landed on what appeared to be a pile of flour bags.  “Flour bags?  Well
now this just proves it doesn't it?  Gotta see if I can find anything else.”  Vivian said to herself as
she wandered around the seemingly person less building.  Though it was dark, the window’s provided just enough light for her to see.

Vivian wandered around for what felt like two hours when it was really just twenty
minutes.  As she walked more and more baking supplies could be seen.  It seemed as though the
info finder’s lead was legit.  Finally, she came across a series to tables.  The tables were all
arranged one behind the other.  On each table were about seven cakes, with around seven tables
in total.  The cakes ranged in intricacy, some cakes appeared to be simple cakes with basic
layers and colors.  While others didn’t even look like cakes at all.  One cake for instance
resembled a car, while another was in the shape of a large elephant.  “Woah, these guys know
their stuff.”  Vivian said while observing the different cakes.  

Walking over to the car cake.  She was absolutely baffled by how much detail these
bakers were able to put into something as simple as a cake.  The realistic coating, the amount of
detail that went into each of the cakes.  Surely this was the work of only a true master. “My god, these are some of the greatest cakes I've ever seen.  They don’t even look like
cakes.  There more like pure hunks of diabetes.”  She joked as she walked over to a cake
that looked like an elephant.  The cartoon pachyderm was a dark shade of blue with some foliage
surrounding it. Everything on the cake was edible, this made it all the harder for Vivian to resist
taking a taste test.  She then skimmed her finger through the grass and took a small taste.  What
she wasn't expecting was for the grass icing to be some of the best icing she ever had.  

“Even the icing is amaz...what am I doing?  I’m desecrating these fine works of art.  This
totally goes against what I stand for as a reporter of ethics.  I’ve completely ruined this story.  I’m so screwed.”  Vivian started to sob as she thought about the worse case scenario of what
would occur to her if word of this had gotten out.  

“Oh what’s the point?  I’ll never be as good as Marshall.  No matter how hard I try she
always winds up with the better stories.”  Vivian contemplated as she stuck her finger in more
cake. “My career, my reputation, all down the shitter.”  unbeknownst to the poor brunette.  She
was eating more of the cake that she was just moping over.  Mr. Elephant’s legs and butt were
now just coating for Vivian’s waistline.  The hapless report continued to eat the cake filled
mastodon, not even caring about the fact that if she were to eat more she would probably wind
up as heavy as one.  Looking at the other cakes only made Vivian’s mouth water.  This was her comfort food now and no one was going to tell her otherwise.

She started with a cake that resembled a compact Ferrari.  The red Italian car had it’s
icing coated in a way that made the metal seem all the more realistic.  As well as all the more
delicious to Vivian as she took a huge chunk out of the cake with her bare hands and just
started to go to town on it.  It didn’t take long for her to consume the car.  Her waistline was
starting to bulge, and her ass was starting to look a little rounder.  Even her breasts looked a little

Moving onto the next few cakes, she couldn't believe how good they looked.  She could
smell the obnoxious amount of icing used on them.  The varying hints of chocolate, vanilla,
strawberry, all kinds of different flavors.  Not even giving a single care, she then went to town on
every cake she saw.  If it looked sweet.  It was going right into her hungry gullet.
Of course, the amount of sugar she was consuming wasn't doing her figure any favors.  
Unbeknownst to her, her already slightly plump stomach was now pushing out even further.  As
if it were a small ball of dough.  It sagged ever so slightly above her thighs.  Though she prided
herself on her toned posterior, that was all starting to become less so as her butt was starting to
grow quite large.  

She started to think of Marshall.  Not only taking over the reporter position.  But also
becoming the number one anchor in the state.  Winning tons of awards and living the life Vivian
always dreamed of.  Also in this dream was herself, expect nearly immobile sitting on her couch
watching Marshall take it all.  A huge carton of ice cream in her large arms.   “Give her the job.  See what I care.”  Vivian was now in her own little world.  One where she didn’t have a care in
the world.

Cake after cake were reduced to crumbs as the woeful reporter shoved bits of cake in her
mouth by the second.  There was never a moment when her face didn’t resemble that of a
chipmunk full of nuts for winter.  As a result.  Her body was starting to balloon even faster.  She
appeared to look a bit founder then when she first entered the factory.  The beginnings of a grand
dome was now beginning in the form of her stomach.  It was now pushing out with an added bit
of jiggle with every step she took.  Though her belly wasn't the only thing to get a bit more
wiggle room., her butt and legs were being filled like a cannoli with fat rather than cream.  With
cellulite beginning to form.  Even her breasts seemed a tad bit larger.  Her growing butt was starting to make her blouse stretch a bit at the seams    

This is how it went on for about an hour and a half.  Vivian would stuff her ever fattening
face with all of the cakes that the bakers had all prepared vigilantly for.   The rounded reporter
was seemed to be forgetting why she was even here in the first place.  All that mattered to her right now was eating more cake.  Even if she were to burst.  There would be no end to her cake
massacre.  Unfortunately for her, this feeding frenzy would soon come to an end.  As she bit into
the last piece of a cake shaped like a pirate ship.  She patted her belly and made a satisfying burp.  
That’s when she realized she was all out of cake.  

“Aww man, I was hoping there would be more.”  Vivian said to herself.  She now looked
quite bloated.  Clearly more rounded than ever before.  Her legs and ass were starting to look as
though they were one limb.  Cellulite was now forming quite noticeably.  At look at her front and
one might assume she was wearing an apron.  When in reality it was her now doughy belly,
poking out of her shirt.  Though she would have loved to have a set of D cup breasts, she
probably wouldn’t want the extra poundage associated with it.  If there were a contest for the
biggest butt at the office, she would be the clear winner.  With bits of cellulite and the added
length and with made it a sight to behold.   Vivian wobbled around a bit more.  With no cakes in the view able area, the plumply
reporter’s cravings were still unsatisfied.  After a few minutes of searching however, she came
across something she didn’t expect to see.  In front of her was a massive cake, at least seven feet
tall.  It was the king of cakes,  Beautiful orange bases were being held up by cream colored
pillars.  Yellow icing helped capture the eye even better.  She stared at the cake for a split
second.  One thought entering her mind.  I need that inside me.

Like an animal that had not eaten in days.  Vivian lunged towards the mammoth dessert
and started to shoved chunks into her mouth.  Her chubby hands grabbing mouth full after
mouthful.  She was eating so much at once that her cheeks were actually starting to hurt.  This
didn’t matter to her though, she needed to eat this entire cake.  The cake’s orange cream taste
helped a little to get the bits down.  “I am the Queen of Cakes!  All shall hail me!”  Vivian said
in a state of complete delusion.

The Queen of Cakes was now entering a queen sized state of obesity.  Buttons on her
shirt were now popping off like bullets.  Her cream colored belly was now sticking out like a
sore thumb, jiggling for all to see.  If one were to get a good look at her backside, it would be
difficult for them to distinguish where her ankles started and her butt ended.  The now cellulite
filled mass wobbled.  An ass crack as deep as the Grand Canyon could now be seen as well.  Her
hammy arms were now ripping her sleeves apart whiled helping to shove more cake into her
maw.  Then there was her face.  Chubby was no longer a good word to describe it, bulbous would
now be a better term.  With a huge second chin, and large chipmunk cheeks.  Vivian was now a certified fatty.  She had become what she feared, and she didn’t have a care in the world.       With the entire cake gone, a now very stuffed Vivian sat near the table patting her very
flabby stomach.  A satisfying burp signaled the end of her meal.  Feeling a bit sleepy after it all.  
She slowly closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

Vivian was woken up to a bright light, or rather several flashing lights.  Slowly opening
her eyes, she looked on in terror.  In front of her were several reporters and camera crews.    
Looking down at herself, she noticed that the damage wasn't as bad as she thought.  Her blowing
up into obesity must have been just a dream.  However, she still  did look a bit bloated, and there
were chunks of cake missing out of several delicacies.  News reporters bombarded her with
questions.  All the poor woman could do was look ahead in disbelief.  Knowing full well that her
career was dead and buried.    

The next morning, Janet was enjoying her typical triple doughnut breakfast.  As she was
browsing on her tablet, she looked up at the tv to witness a special bulletin.  Marshall Summers
was standing in what appeared to be in front of the old tire factory.

“Breaking news this morning, we got exclusive coverage of what many are already
calling The Big Scoop.  Channel 17’s own Vivian Appleseed seemed to be a little too eager to
wait for Cakemaster’s special appearance in the area.  Witnesses say they saw Miss Appleseed
sneaking around the factory late last night.  Many of the cakes for the episode, including the
extra large orange and cream cake made special for the mayor.  Had chunks missing out of them,
presumably done by Miss Appleseed.”  Marshall said as a photo of a sluggish Vivian was then
plastered on the screen.  “No comments currently from Miss Appleseed, but well be sure to keep
you updated as the story develops.  

“What the hell’s the matter with you?!  Do you think this is some kind of hullabaloo
where you get to run around like a jackass!”  Mr Chaz was fuming as an shamed Vivian
blushed.  “I..I..I can’t believe it with you.  I gave you a perfect opportunity to get better and you
fuck it up faster than the other stations got to you.  Things don’t look good for you Miss
Appleseed I can tell you that.”

“I...I”m so sorry Mr. Chaz, I don’t know what got into me.”  Vivian’s eyes started to
water.  One could see the pure definition of regret on her face.  She knew exactly what she did
and she was going to pay for it.

“Now were gonna be the laughing stock of the city.  Was this part of your plan?”  Chaz’s security ran in to help cool him down.  

“Mr. Chaz, your blood pressure.  Remember what your doctor told you.”  Chaz then took a deep breath and calmed himself.

“Look Vivian, I’m sorry I lost my temper.  I’m just trying to figure out how to make good
out of a crappy situation.  Maybe I haven’t been giving you as great of stories as you deserve.”  
Chaz scratched his head a bit as he walked around his office.  His secretary then chimed in again.

“Well sir, there is that one project you wanted to test out.”

“What are you tal...oh right.  Hmm.”  In a complete reversal of his previous mood.  Chaz
then looked at Vivian with a soft smile.  “Actually Miss Appleseed.  I do believe there is a
project that has your name on it.  I’m sure you’ll make the best out of it.” Vivian instantly wiped away her tears as a huge smile then came back to her face.  A
similar one to when he first gave her the factory assignment.  “You mean it Mr. C?!”

A couple of weeks later.  The city was getting ready to open it's seaside restaurant district.  Vivian, who looked a bit plumper, with a wider butt and a bit of a paunch.  Her face even looked a bit softer.  The beginnings of a new chin could be seen.  Was wearing a purple dress that looked a little tight.  She looked towards her cameraman Hank.

"Make sure you get a good shot of the bay.  It'll really add to the aesthetic."  Looking at the camera, a soft smile appeared on her soft face.  "Good morning, this is you 'foodie' correspondent Vivian Appleseed.  Bringing you the latest and greatest in everything food. We're just moments away from the grand opening of the bay area's dining district.  Which promises to not only bring new business to the area.  But hopefully some tasty treats.”  Vivian smiled as she licked her lips.  Blushing a bit afterwards.  Oh god I hope no one caught that.   “Great shot everyone.  Who's ready for a cake break?”
The Big Scoop
The Big Scoop is a story I've been working on for months now.  A bit of inspiration from :iconyer-keij-fer-cash:, the story centers around a reporter named Vivian Appleseed who tries to not get fat (Spoilers it doesn't go too well.).  Anywho, hope you enjoy the story.

Story Suggestions

Sat Jul 5, 2014, 1:10 PM

So here's the thing.  I'm actually working on a secret story series that involves all kinda of different expansions as well as other types of transformations in general.  Now the thing is that I actually need help coming up with some ideas for the story.  That's where you come in.  Feel free to suggest any types of transformations you can thing of.  Try to keep it within the realm of expansion, but still come up with an idea if you think it can work.  And I'll see about getting it made into the series.  Now there's no guarantee that I'll use your idea.  Again, this is for suggestions, not requests.  If I do choose your idea, I'll be sure to mention it in the final product.

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  • Eating: Goldfish
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Story Suggestions

Sat Jul 5, 2014, 1:10 PM

So here's the thing.  I'm actually working on a secret story series that involves all kinda of different expansions as well as other types of transformations in general.  Now the thing is that I actually need help coming up with some ideas for the story.  That's where you come in.  Feel free to suggest any types of transformations you can thing of.  Try to keep it within the realm of expansion, but still come up with an idea if you think it can work.  And I'll see about getting it made into the series.  Now there's no guarantee that I'll use your idea.  Again, this is for suggestions, not requests.  If I do choose your idea, I'll be sure to mention it in the final product.

  • Listening to: Two Door Cinima Club
  • Playing: Sir Yo Are Being Hunted
  • Eating: Goldfish
  • Drinking: Ice Tea


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